Who We Are

Jurisphere & Associates, over the years has provided exceptional services to their clients in the fields of complex litigation, corporate and tax, intellectual property, restructuring and counseling matters. Here, we believe in values and their importance in the profession and this very quality stands us apart from majority of other Law Firms and Legal Professionals.

The firm is supported by senior members from prestigious academic institutions in India & abroad. All our offices are equipped with modern communication facilities and we constantly review and update existing technology to meet our clients’ needs. We guaranty maximum commitment and obligations towards the clients and the society at large.

Our Litigating Lawyers help our clients to bring the matters to a logical end within minimum possible time frame, in the present scenario of legal system in India which is very slow and almost seem to be a never ending process.

Jurisphere & Associates is
a full service law firm with special expertise in
Intellectual Property, Corporate and Business Law